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WhatsApp Team Collaboration, Integrations & Automation

New Release : Send WhatsApp Message from any Website / Excel file

Send, Receive & Share customer WhatsApp messages in your desired platform

Instant Setup

Start sending with your whatsapp automation within an hour.

Single & Multiple Dedicated Numbers

Communicate your customers via Single or Multiple WhatsApp Numbers for your Business

Dedicated Server

Your messages will run on a server dedicated only for your account (Not a shared server) which ensures security & privacy.

Bulk Messaging

Send messages to multiple people at once

Zoho Integration

Get messsages inside Zoho Products

Messages via Workflows

Send messages when workflows run inside Zoho Products

Incoming messages

Get incoming WhatsApp messages to your Business Number from your customers inside WhatCetra

Attachments Support
(Coming Soon)

Send & Receive attachments via WhatsApp Automation

WhatsApp Group Messaging
(Coming soon)

Create, Communicate with your customers with WhatsApp Group