WhatCetra - WhatsApp communication tool


Whatcetra is a WhatsApp integration tool developed by Ulgebra. Here, we can connect our WhatsApp number to communicate with our clients. It helps customers to communicate through WhatsApp from any website or CRM platforms.

Whatcetra can help in efficient marketing by connecting to customers easily. You could promote, sell products or services to customers without any interruption. You can also avail Whatcetra option if you are seeking for a WhatsApp help desk or support system. Since WhatsApp is an easy and quick mode of communication, you can get connected to customers instantly and solve their queries.

Pre-requisites for using Whatcetra

  • Should have any WhatsApp account/ number


  • Send single WhatsApp messages to clients/contacts

  • Send bulk messages by uploading excel files

  • Make WhatsApp Conversations

  • Users can use individual WhatsApp numbers or a single number can be shared with multiple users

  • Have a record of sent and received messages

  • Send and receive WhatsApp attachments

  • Send single , bulk and automated messages by connecting with different CRM platforms


  • The WhatsApp Web has to be connected for sending out WhatsApp messages.

  • The attachments size should be within 5 MB.

Message Limit

There is no message limit for the messages you send using the extension. You can send messages based on the number of message credits you have in your account.

What are message credits?

Message credits are the messages and media files you send using Whatcetra. Eg : 1 text message = 1 message credit. And the credit value varies for the media files you send. It will be as:

  • For image files : 2 credits - 1 credit for text message + 1 credit for the image file

  • For document/pdf files : 3 credits - 1 credit for text message + 2 credits for the document/pdf file

  • For video files : 4 credits - 1 credit for text message + 3 credits for the video file

[Note: Make sure the media file is within 5MB file size.]

The message credits will be consumed for the outgoing messages as well as the incoming messages.

Additional credits

  • If you need bulk additional credits, then check the link here for purchasing bulk credits termed as "Volume plans".

  • The volume plan will be valid for a period of three months and renewed every three months.

[Note: The additional credits can be used along with any of the active monthly bulk messaging plans if in case you are using Whatcetra with any of the CRM platforms.]

Whatcetra Working

1) Send single WhatsApp messages

Click any of the chats and type your message in the text box and send the message. You can also send any attachments like image, PDF, document or video.

You can edit the name using the edit option available. The credits will be consumed both for outgoing and incoming WhatsApp messages.

2) Send bulk WhatsApp messages

Go to the "Contacts" section at the top near the "Chat" section. Select the number of contacts to whom you want to send bulk messages and send messages to your clients.

You can also bulk delete contacts from Whatcetra using the "Bulk Delete" option available.

3) Initiate new WhatsApp messages to clients

Click the "Send Message to number" option at the top of the chat section. Enter the recipient number in the space provided and send message to the client. Thus, in this way, you can initiate a new conversation with a client.

4) Send bulk messages using Excel file

Step 1: Click the "Excel file" option at the top of the chat section. Upload your excel file.

Step 2: Provide a campaign name to fetch later. Select the sheet number, phone number column etc., from the drop down. Type you message in the text box. Use the "Insert Merge Fields" option to add any of the values from the excel sheet.

5) Add a WhatsApp group to Whatcetra

Go to WhatsApp Web. Click any of the WhatsApp group chats. Click the "Add Group to Whatcetra" option to add the group to Whatcetra.

6) Add or upload any files in Whatcetra

Click the drop down near the "My Organizations" option and check for the option "Files". Click "Upload file" option to upload any of the media files in Whatcetra.

7) Receive incoming WhatsApp messages

Enable the capture messages option in the Whatcetra interface found inside WhatsApp Web if you are using an IOS so that the messages will be captured until the WhatsApp Web is kept open.

[Note: In addition to this, if you want to receive the incoming messages inside any of the CRM, integrate the Webhook with Whatcetra in the Whatcetra "Integrations" section.]

Check how our other customers use WhatCetra at "Popular ways to use WhatCetra"

Possible ways of using WhatsApp number with Whatcetra

There are two possibilities of using WhatsApp number with Whatcetra.

  • Use individual WhatsApp number by each user.

  • Use a single shared WhatsApp number by all users.

Check the complete setup details at "Popular ways to use Whatcetra" page found above.