Popular Ways to use WhatCetra

Use individual WhatsApp number by each user

Feature Setup

Feature Setup Process

Step 1: Visit the link https://app.whatcetra.com/ and sign in using google or email option. Once you use Sign in with Google option, then you have use the same all the time.

Step 2: Choose the Whatcetra account type. Choose the account type as either "Agent" or "Organization", and click "Submit".

Step 3: You will be asked to install the Whatcetra chrome extension in order to send the messages in the background. Hence, click "Install Google Chrome Extension" option.

Step 4: Click "Add to Chrome" option to add the google chrome extension to the browser.

Step 5: Click "Add Extension" and confirm the chrome extension to get added.

Step 6: Now, enter the WhatsApp number along with the country code. You can select the country code from the drop down and click "Submit".

Step 7: Now your Whatcetra account has been created successfully and you are now ready to send WhatsApp messages using Whatcetra.

Step 8: Now, once you login and refresh your WhatsApp Web, you can view the Whatcetra interface to the right. You can also view the Whatcetra credits in the interface.

Now, the setup is ready and you can send single and bulk WhatsApp messages using Whatcetra.

Use a single shared WhatsApp number by all users

Feature Setup

Feature Setup Process

If multiple users are going to use a single shared WhatsApp number, anyone should act as an admin and keep the WhatsApp web logged in their browser so the other users send messages from the WhatCetra, using the WhatsApp number, the admin is hosting. The process for the same is as below:

1) Create Whatcetra Admin account and Agent account

Step 1: Create a Whatcetra account using the link https://app.whatcetra.com/. While creating, the admin should create an Organization account and the users should create an agent account.

Step 2: Enter any of the WhatsApp number and click Submit.

Step 3: Once an account is created, check once whether the admin's account type is as Organization by clicking the Whatcetra profile at the top right corner.

Step 4: Once an account is created, check once whether the user's account type is as Agents by clicking the Whatcetra profile at the top right corner.

2) Send invite from Admin account and accept in Agent's account

Step 1: For sending an invite from the admin's account, click the drop-down near the Integrations option. Click the Agents option.

Step 2: Click the "+" symbol to add new agents to the Organization/Admin's account.

Step 3: Enter the Whatcetra mail ID of the agent in the space provided and click the Save option.

Step 4: Now, you can view that the invite has been sent to the agent which is notified as "invite_sent".

Step 5: Now, the agent has to accept the invite. The agent should click the drop-down near the Integrations option in his/her own account and search for the option, "My Organizations".

Step 6: Now, the agent can view the invite and need to click the "Accept" option.

Step 7: You will get a notification to confirm the approval. Hence, click Ok to confirm the invite.

Step 8: Now, the admin could view in the account that the invite has been accepted by the user which is notified as "accepted".

3) View and manage own as well as Organization Whatcetra profile

The user can now view two profiles in his/her Whatcetra account. One is the "You" profile and the other one is the "Organization" profile. Using "You" profile, the WhatsApp messages can be sent from the user's own number by keeping his/her own WhatsApp Web opened in the browser. Using the "Organization" profile, the WhatsApp Web opened in the admin's browser will be used to send messages.

This is how you can setup a single shared WhatsApp number with multiple agents. Now, you can switch the Whatcetra profile and send messages from the number you want.

4) Additional features

Assign chats to users - If you have added multiple users/agents in Whatcetra, then you can assign the chats by selecting the agent from the drop-down

Assigned person added as comment - Once a chat is assigned for a user, the same will be added as comment and can be viewed by all users. Once assigned, the assignee can only send messages to that particular client and if others send any message, it will be added as comment only.

Add comments if required - You can add some points as notes or comment using the "Comment" option available and the same can be viewed by all users in Whatcetra.